Every year with the advancement of mobile technology, the mobile malware and viruses are also getting advanced and attacking millions and millions of mobile worldwide.

Currently, Android mobiles are the main target of virus and malware developers. With the growing demand of Android users, malware developers are targeting Android mobile devices to accomplish their goal.

Here are the worst malware types in 2016 from which you have to keep your mobile away:

HummingBad Malware

HummingBad has currently created a fear among Android users worldwide. According to experts, “HummingBad” has already attacked more than 10 million Android devices worldwide.

A Chinese advertising company has developed this malware. The malware has the power to take control of devices; it forces users to click advertisements and download apps. The malware uses a multistage attack chain.

There are certain websites through which the virus infects devices, and then it tries to gain root access to the device by running software. If it succeeds to get the root access, the attackers will gain full access to your mobile. In case if the malware fails to gain root access, it uses a fake system through which it sends an update notification to your mobile to get system-level permission.

If your phone is displaying bizarre advertisement and unexpected system update notification, it could be because of the HummingBad malware. To keep your mobile safe from this virus, you have to be careful while visiting any website or downloading applications.

Viking Horde

Here is another new malware which has been detected by Check Point on May 2016. Its name is “Viking Horde”. This virus is created for Google Play Store apps. Through these apps, the virus creates a place in Android devices.

The virus can infect both rooted and non-rooted devices. Whenever a user downloads an infected app from Google Play Store, the device gets infected by the malware. The risks of rooted devices are bigger compared to non-rooted devices.

In rooted devices, “Viking Horde” installs software and executes code remotely to get access to the mobile data. If it does, then the data of your mobile is at risk. The reason behind launching this app is for conducting ad clicks, spam messages, and others.

These are the two recent viruses that have been found in the year 2016. Apart from these two viruses, many other malwares can infect your Android mobile. The worst types among them are Ransomware, AccuTrack, Adsms, and BankBot.

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