For most individuals, the workplace is considered a second home. But, did you ever think that your working place can be an incredibly hazardous area, even when it’s a nice, good looking office?

Whether you work on an oil rig, a cubicle or inside a retail store, you could be a victim of serious injuries while on duty.

There are numerous types of injuries which usually plague workers, including loss of hearing, broken bones, sprains, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, abrasion, brain injuries, and much more.

The question we’re now asking is, what were the top workplace accidents in 2016? Peruse through the article and enhance your knowledge.

1. Machine Crushing or Entanglement

Machine entanglement is a common cause of injury, especially in places having heavy machinery and equipment. Jewelry, clothing, unbound hair and certain body parts including legs and fingers often get caught up in machines, resulting in injuries like amputations, cuts, and even death.

2. Injuries Due to Tripping

Slipping has become a very common cause of workplace injuries. Slipping can be triggered by cluttered floor spaces or wet floors. To minimize tripping and falling incidences, employees can erect signage to warn of wet floors and spills.

Additionally, the exposed cables, cords and other objects creating obstacles to workers can be removed.

3. Vehicle Accidents

Workers who often travel for business related purposes get involved in auto accidents, some of which might be fatal. If this happens to you as a worker in New Jersey, you can always seek for legal help at Shebell & Shebell, and make a work injury claim.

Employer safe driving policies and safe driver training are keys to minimizing this type of accidents.

4. Lower Back Injuries

According to a study conducted by California State University, work related lower back pain accounts for thirty-three percent of all work related disabilities on the globe.

Repetitive movements accompanying the frequent use of computers can potentially strain your muscles and tendons, leading to vision problems, back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The use of ergonomic equipment may aid in reducing these problems.

5. Injuries Due to Falling Objects

When storage facilities and shelves are poorly packed, loose items and other objects may fall, causing injuries to the unaware workers below. To prevent such cases, all the elements including stationery stock and archives should be arranged properly at all times. If possible, the storerooms plus the shelves must not be overpacked.

6. Overexertion Accidents

If you didn’t know, overexertion is not only considered as the leading workplace injury, but also the most expensive one. It includes injuries related to pushing, carrying, holding, lifting and throwing activities at the workplace.

The Bottom Line

Workplace accidents have been on the rise in recent years. Education is vital if we want to make our workplaces safe. Diligence, adequate safety equipment, and training are instrumental elements to limiting accidents and injuries.