Walk-in bathtubs are purposely built for easy accessibility, especially for people with mobility problems.

Unlike the standard bathtub whose water is about 1 foot deep, the walk-in tubs have a water depth of about 2.5 feet. The additional depth allows the bather to experience a relaxing spa-like soak, while its step-in design allows disabled people, as well as individuals with limited mobility, to easily access (enter or exit) the bathtub.

Also, most walk-in tubs have seats whose height and configuration can be adjusted. Likewise, most incorporate anti-slip features as a safeguard against slips and falls.

All the top rated walk-in bathtubs listed below have the features as mentioned earlier, alongside their unique design and distinct features.

1. Safe Step

Safe Step walk-in bathtub

Safe Step Walk-in bathtubs are purposely designed to prevent bathroom slips, falls, and accidents. Their low steps and anti-slip surfaces allow you to easily access and move around while in the bathtub, without risking any slips. Also, their built-in grabs provide you with handles that you can hold onto and avoid falling.

2. Jacuzzi Walk-in Bathtubs

Jacuzzi tubs feature an extra-tall design that allows you to experience a massaging effect designed to relieve joint aches, stiffness, and pains caused by daily activities.

The water level inside the tub can reach up to your neck, and you can relax well inside it. Your relaxation experience is further improved by jets that propel a well-balanced mix of water and air. It also incorporates all the standard safety features, with its built-in safety bar allowing you to avert falls, and even drowning.

3. Bathing Safety

Bathing Safety bathtubs are designed to maximize the safety of the user. Apart from anti-slip floors, low steps, and built-in grabs, they also feature built-in safety bars, hand-held showers, and easily adjustable seats. They also have options for air massages and hydrotherapy.

4. Independent Home

walk-in tub Independent Home

Independent Home specializes in building and designing walk-in bathtubs for senior citizens. Their bathtubs can be installed within a day. Also, their safety features, including anti-slip surfaces, grabs, and relatively low step heights, are geared towards maximizing the safety of the person using the bathtub.

5. Premier Care

Premiere Care bathtubs are also purposely designed for senior citizens. But, they also incorporate features that allow disabled people of all ages, as well as people suffering from debilitating joint conditions, to access and use the bathtub.

6. Hydro Dimensions

walk-in tub Hydro Dimensions

Hydro Dimensions designs luxury walk-in bathtubs that provide a massaging experience as well as a beautiful bathing experience. The tubs are designed to fit well with almost all bathroom designs.