Most people usually think of incentive travel in terms of elegant resorts, spa, golf and palm trees. However, incentive travel is more than that; it includes fun activities, high-end accommodations, unique cuisine as well as idyllic venues for functions and meetings.

Selecting such a site isn’t usually a walk in the park. Below is a rundown of top North American cities for travel incentive programs:


Chicago is renowned for its mouthwatering American cuisine, world class museums, hopping jazz joints, and a lot more. It has something for every visitor – the gourmet, the historian and sightseers. You’ll definitely not run out of activities to do.



Ever wondered why Montreal is sometimes referred to as the “Paris of North America?” Well, make a visit to this city and you’ll know why.

But, just to pique your interest, the city is called that way because it was founded by the French. Later, the city was occupied by the British and now, it’s a favorite destination to most Americans.

To accentuate its long heritage, the city features cobblestone streets with sidewalk cafes, a Notre Dame Cathedral and horse-drawn carriages.

What is more? The city was recently feted as the fifth best nightlife city in the entire world.


In case you’re wondering, there is plenty of things to do here. You can choose to immerse yourself in the hedonistic life of downtown Montreal or savor the picturesque views of lush greenery of the Mont Royal Park.

If you want more action, there is a litany of fun-filled outdoor activities, like skiing and hiking.

New York

It would be a travesty to have a list of the best incentive cities in the North America without mentioning New York City. Throughout the year, visitors from diverse places of the nation troop to this city for various reasons.

One wonderful thing about this city is that it never bores, and is ever a top destination for excursions, accommodations as well as venue for various events.

Shopping junkies derive great pleasure shopping in this city’s shopping galleries, and sightseers gave the pleasure of their life looking at jaw-dropping and tantalizing views from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

nightpanorama from hotel Mandarin in New York

What is more? New York City enjoys frequent flights from all over the world – making it an easy-to-reach destination.

To cap it all, the city is unforgettable.

San Francisco

The highlights of this city is its awesome weather and international style. Plus, there are lots of things to do here – excursions, wine tasting… The city’s life is fast-paced than anywhere else in the country.

No wonder the city enjoys an ample place in the pantheon of North America’s Incentive travel destinations.

This list isn’t definitive. You may consider San Diego, Boston, Miami, Socttsdale and Las Vegas as well.