According to the reports received until now, Toyota has retained the crown of the best-selling car manufacturer in the world, for the fourth consecutive year this time. The backlash of Volkswagen, due to the scandal of cheating consumers for faulty emission, has helped Toyota to gain this title.

Volkswagen was at the top of this list for the first six months in 2015 and was running closer to its long-awaited target to be the biggest car manufacturer in the world for this year. But in the third quarter of 2015, Toyota defeated Volkswagen and captured the title of the largest Japanese car manufacturer – for the full year.

Toyota has won this title for some obvious reasons. They are briefly discussed in this article:

1. Exposure of Volkswagen Scandal

Volkswagen was the top auto manufacturer company of the world until first six months of 2015. But the exposure of the emission scandal has affected its sales, and it has to lose this title to giant Japanese car manufacturer Toyota.

2. Increased Sales

In 2015, Toyota sold 10.15 million cars all over the world which was a bit lower than its expectations, as it claimed in 2014 to sell 10.23 million cars. According to the reports, this fall in the sale was due to economic slowdown all over the world – including Us, Japan, and various emerging markets.

Volkswagen in Germany, on the other hand, has sold 9.93 million vehicles and stood second in this race. Its sales reduced due to the scandal of emission of diesel cars. General Motor remains third in this spree, with the sale of 9.8 million units.

3. Buy out the Remaining Share of Daihatsu

Though Toyota is known for its best-selling models (Corolla sedan, Prius hybrid, Camry and luxurious Lexus), the news of buying out the rest of the share of Daihatsu, a fellow car maker, has also made it the best car maker in the world. It already has 51.2% share of Daihatsu. This news has boosted its worth in stock market by 16.4%.

4. Increase in Market Share

The media reports say that a cooperation deal with Suzuki has increased the market share of Toyota by 3.8% and that of Suzuki by 11.4%. But this news was termed as a rumor by both companies.