Every homeowner who expects to sell a house has to ensure that it stands out on the market. It’s crucial to get the right real estate agent to market the house.

To sell a house fast and for the highest dollar, here’s a list of 5 recommendations:

1. Set the right price

Buyers are easily turned off by overpriced houses. Set a realistic price that motivates buyers to set foot in your Rochester houses for sale.

Start by finding out the worth of your house. Shave off about 20% of its actual worth. A reasonable price helps you to even bid for a better price or one that you initially intended because you attract multiple bids from many buyers.

2. Fix everything

Before you list your house for sale, fix everything. It may sound exhausting but it is fundamental to repair everything that is broken. The site of peeling paint, cracked windows or stained floor certainly discourages prospective buyers from closing a deal with you. You don’t want a great sale deal to go down the drain just because you didn’t fix everything that needed fixing.

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3. Get rid of clutter

Clutter makes a house look small, disorganized and messy. Don’t chase away prospective buyers by welcoming them into a cluttered house. Your house will only sell fast if it’s organized and lacks clutter. Do away with personal items such as pictures on walls. Buyers want to visualize their new lives in the house as opposed to yours.

4. Light up the house

After establishing that a house is strategically located, buyers then focus on lighting. Ensure your house has good lighting. Make it have a bright and cheery look by cleaning the windows, changing lampshades and trimming bushes to let in natural light.

5. Negotiate professionally

Negotiations are not wars. Rather, they are ways of establishing a win-win situation for a seller and a buyer as well. Work with a real estate agent who has the skills to negotiate professionally with a buyer. Unprofessional negotiation leads to loss of a sale deal which otherwise would have gone down well.

The first impression of your house is the only impression buyers get. As much as your interior décor may be appealing, buyers have already formed a perception of your house before setting foot inside. Ensure your house conveys a warm and welcoming feeling.

Upgrade your exterior décor as well in simple and inexpensive ways. Brightly colored flowers and inexpensive shrubs can give buyers a good first impression of your house leading to a quick sale.