Dance competitions have always been a great avenue for hopeful dancers to get noticed by talent scouts. Dancers from all over the world compete at the most prestigious competitions in the hopes of winning the coveted gold medal.

Over the years, the search for the best dancers has been tighter than ever. Thousands of aspiring dancers audition to gain a spot in the competition. They practice endless hours a day to perfect their skills and become the greatest among other competitive dancers.

Today, we’ll take a look at the four most popular dance competitions in 2016, which offer the best dance tours.

Dance World Cup

The Dance World Cup welcomes more than 12,000 competitors who come from 38 countries around the world. They compete with their country qualifiers and then move on to proceed with the World Finals which is held annually.

Dance World Cup is considered to be the best all genre inclusive dance competition in the world. It is the toughest competition for children and young adults who aspire to become the greatest in their league.

The Dance World Cup first started in 2012, and until today it remains to be one of the most popular dance competitions in the world.

Star Quest

Star Quest International has consistently exceeded expectations by continuously creating the highest quality standards for competitors. They cater to Broadway caliber performances and extraordinary production values. They give great value to on time performances within a friendly atmosphere.

Star Quest is proud of their wonderfully polished presentations which highlight every detail of the dancer’s performances. They make use of a streamlined registration process for efficiency. They are the most successful dance competition in North America.

dance group at the stage

The Dance Awards

The Dance Awards celebrates the dancers’ pure talent, skill, and technique. They have a total of 30 categories which ranges from jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, tap, lyrical, contemporary, musical theater, showcase, and specialty. Their age division starts from 5-year-olds to 19-year-old competitors. The Dance Awards is a family event which follows the highest level of standards in the competition.


The ShowStopper Logo

Showstopper is considered to be America’s greatest dance competition. It is the biggest and most glamorous competition in the world. They travel to over 50 cities in the United States each year to welcome new competitors.

Showstopper has been in the dance industry for 39 years, and they continue to be the most popular competition in the world. The company was founded by Debbie Roberts who provided aspiring dancers an exciting stage to perform their best dance routines.