A spa pool is a great investment for your lifestyle. Spa pools provide a perfect place that allows you to relax. They are usually small, heated and jetted pools built into the ground. They can be built indoors or outdoors.

Health Benefits

Spa pool nz can make every day better providing an amazing massage, a private retreat, meaningful conversation. Thus you can enjoy special moments and wellness benefits.

Using spa pools provides many health benefits that include:

  • pain relief
  • diabetes treatment
  • stress relief
  • cold remedy
  • sleep aid,
  • improved circulation
  • better cardiovascular health.

So they are very beneficial for your health and emotional well-being.


You can make pool spas unique in design. There are unlimited possibilities for you to customize your spa pool project.

Fitness System

Spa pools are cleverly designed to allow you to swim, jog and work out using the power of jets. Thus they provide a low-impact workout with the benefits of hydrotherapy and massage while you workout.


Investing in a pool spa is not as expensive as installing a pool. It also cuts down water costs.

a couple in a spa pool

Social Benefits

Spa pools are safe to use by people of all ages including children. They can be a central point of garden parties and other events.

Value Added

A good quality spa boosts the sale value of your property.


Pool spas can be designed in a very nice way, look very appealing and have a great aesthetic value.

Special Features

Designing your dream spa can be a lot of fun. Built-in decks, floating seats, glass mosaic tiles all add to a great look. To add to joy and pleasure, you can decorate it with ice bucket with champagne, colorful towels, etc.

There is a variety of spa pools on offer. These are just some of the models available: Gemini, Neon, Eon, Azure, Mercury, Cerium, Xenon, Cobalt, Nitro, Spectrum, Titanium, Paladiam, Aquagym, Aquagym Max, Aqualap, Hidrozone, Fisher Two, Fisher Three, Fisher Five, Fisher Five Plus.

What you need to build a pool spa

You need a building consent to build a pool spa.

  • site plan with the location
  • fence construction
  • brand and model of the pool
  • size of the pool
  • drainage plan
  • installation instructions
  • show filling point

If you are interested in building a pool spa, you can find additional information here: www.hotspring.co.nz