Despite her numerous skills, the truth is that Hillary is just not that perfect at running for president. This doesn’t imply that she won’t be appropriate for being the president, but you ought to bear with me that there are indeed some things that ultimately disqualifies her from vying for this prestigious and a challenging post.

You have noted that she isn’t that good at one of the essential things presidential candidates have to do, and that is to deliver speeches. She possesses none of Obama’s mastery of rhetorical tone and rhythm, or Ronald Keagan’s conversational skills.

This article aims at examining in details some of the reasons why she isn’t suitable for the presidential post:

1. Hillary Hasn’t Accomplished Anything

If you were today asked to mention some of her greatest accomplishments, you would struggle to find a single one. Most of her fans, however, don’t want to admit that, despite her mediocre tenure as the secretary of state and in the Senate, the real accomplishments of her are being a female and the fact that she was married to Clinton.

If you take away those two achievements from her, the truth is that she wouldn’t even make it to the top of a hundred aspirants considered to be the president.

2. Hillary is Responsible for Benghazi

There have been endless investigations concerning Benghazi, and if you trust the mainstream media, you might be thinking that nothing concrete came out of those investigations.

However, it’s crystal clear that over six hundred requests were made in the quest for more security. In the long run, four men succumbed, and additionally, the body of Ambassador Chris Stevens was ultimately dragged across the streets mainly because Hillary never minded to safeguard those lives.

Her actions roar, and we cannot afford to reward government officials with promotions after their negligence has gotten individuals killed in cold blood.

3. Hillary is a Liar

Perhaps calling Hillary a liar makes her sound too much similar to an ordinary person. To the contrary, she is a liar, who lies about the little stuff, the big stuff and everything that entails lying. I am talking about a lady, who falsely deceived the public that she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia. After that, there is a video of her landing – completely unharmed.

She is a lying individual who has no right to run for the presidency. After the Benghazi incident, she told people that a video was responsible when she was telling people privately that it was a terrorist attack. Of course, nobody expects politicians to be honest, but how can you afford to vote for someone who is so dishonest?

4. She Should Be in Prison

In the United States, no individual is supposed to be above the law. Not you, and not even the president of the American people. If Hillary is never going to be jailed in prison for having classified emails sent to the private server of hers, it will be clearly for political reasons.

As a matter of fact, she knew from the start that whatever she was doing was extremely illegal. If you didn’t know, there are lots of people in jail who perhaps did less than Hillary did. Additionally, any reasonable person having a government security clearance would expect to go to jail, if he/she did what Hillary committed.

So, are you okay with voting for someone to be your president, an individual who would be in prison, if she were not the wife to a former president and running for the same office herself?