Did you know that your favorite beauty products are packed with animal-derived ingredients?

The process of deriving these ingredients can torture or kill the animals!

The most common of these ingredients are:

  • carmine
  • royal jelly
  • beeswax
  • honey
  • lanolin
  • milk
  • gelatin
  • tallow
  • guanine

However, most vegan cosmetic brands are striving to make products that don’t have animal-derived ingredients. These animal derivatives ought to be substituted with other cosmetic ingredients of very high quality. Vegan means what is in the cosmetic rather than how it is tested.

Here’s everything you need to know about vegan nail polish:


In order for nail polish to be vegan and cruelty-free, it has to satisfy the following two aspects:

1. No Animal Testing

Vegan nail polish should be 100% cruelty-free. This means that neither the manufacturing companies nor their suppliers test the ingredients or the products on animals. Therefore, the entire supply chain should not conduct animal testing.

In addition, it means that the companies cannot sell their beauty products in China. This is because China requires their personal care products to first undergo animal testing prior to being sold there.

2. No Animal Derived Ingredients

Vegan nail polish should not contain any ingredients that are derived from animals. Makeup products, as well as cosmetics, are usually made using ingredients that are derived from animals like carmine, honey or crushed bugs.

For a nail polish to be vegan, it cannot contain any of the two common nail polish ingredients:

a) Carmine – This is a common ingredient in many makeup products and food. It is derived from a beetle found in Peru. For carmine to be produced, many (millions) bugs must be killed.

b) Guanine – It is also known as Pearl Essence and is a derivative of fish scale. Its function is to provide the glitter in nail polishes. Guanine makes nail polish shimmery or gives it a luminous effect. It can be found in nail polishes that have a metallic, shimmer o pearl look. Guanine is a common non-vegan ingredient that is popular with colored nail polishes.

Other Things

A No-animal derived ingredient is the only condition that needs to be satisfied for a nail polish to be vegan. Cruelty-free is a different aspect and they don’t have to go in tandem.

Other things that vegan beauty products like nail polish should lack are silk, silk powder, retinol, polypeptides and polysorbates, milk proteins and whey, linoleic acid, keratin, gelatin, chitosan, cerebrosides, ambergris, albumen, etc.

Go for Vegan Nail Polish

The above insightful information clearly indicates everything you need to know about vegan nail polish. It should be noted that a vegan brand doesn’t have to be cruelty-free. This is because the products may lack animal-derived ingredients but might have been tested on an animal and vice-versa.

Taking some time to make sure that the nail polishes you purchase is vegan by looking at their product labels is important because you are contributing to a larger movement that aims to ensure cosmetics lack animal by-products.

Start using vegan nail polish today.