Author: Isabela Garza

4 Most Popular Dance Competitions in 2016

Dance competitions have always been a great avenue for hopeful dancers to get noticed by talent scouts. Dancers from all over the world compete at the most prestigious competitions in the hopes of winning the coveted gold medal. Over the years, the search for the best dancers has been tighter than ever. Thousands of aspiring dancers audition to gain a spot in the competition. They practice endless hours a day to perfect their skills and become the greatest among other competitive dancers. Today, we’ll take a look at the four most popular dance competitions in 2016, which offer the...

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Worst Types of Android Malware in 2016

Every year with the advancement of mobile technology, the mobile malware and viruses are also getting advanced and attacking millions and millions of mobile worldwide. Currently, Android mobiles are the main target of virus and malware developers. With the growing demand of Android users, malware developers are targeting Android mobile devices to accomplish their goal. Here are the worst malware types in 2016 from which you have to keep your mobile away: HummingBad Malware HummingBad has currently created a fear among Android users worldwide. According to experts, “HummingBad” has already attacked more than 10 million Android devices worldwide. A...

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Social Media and CRM Software: How They Work Together in 2016

With the advent and development of social media strategies, it’s within the interests of every business to maximize their potential social media reach using all the tools at their disposal. By delivering advertised content to the core customers in as varied a way as possible, you’re certain to produce improved results. This becomes the key, particularly when you look at the data available through customer relationship management (CRM) techniques in conjunction with the data you gather through your social media channels. The Benefits of CRM Software CRM software provides you with high statistics and insight into your current customer...

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