Month: August 2016

The History of Facebook, and Where It’s Going in the Future

Facebook can be defined as a website for social networking. Initially, it was designed with college students in mind. Currently, it is open to persons above the age of 13. Users of Facebook can create and even customize their personal profiles with their personal information, photographs, and videos. Friends of the user can then browse and write messages on their profiles and vice versa. Each and every Facebook profile has a wall on which friends can post any comments they have. Since this wall is usually viewable to all the friends of the user, it’s more or less a...

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Incredible New Transportation Technology for 2016 and Beyond

Every day brings with it new obstacles. Even when those obstacles are overcome, there is a need to continually improve the solutions. This is definitely the case in the transport industry. Tech companies that create warehouse merchandise – one of them being Unex – should be aware of those methods because that’s how they can adapt to the new delivery system in the long run. The invention of airplanes didn’t put an end to all the problems that travelers face. There are still issues like safety, speed, and weather that derailed the success of airplanes. These challenges propelled one...

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